Points of Interest


At present over 200 students attend Menzies Creek Primary School with over 100 families. The school enjoys a strong community spirit sharing in common values and friendships. The school projects a wonderful feeling of belonging and all are welcome at any time. Please feel free to chat with teachers, parents and administration staff.

School Council:

Comprises of parents and teachers who are dedicated to providing a safe and productive learning environment for all Menzies Creek students. We are always looking for suggestions and all members are approachable. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please feel free to contact any school council member. A noticeboard with photos in located in the school office.

Puffing Billy:

The school in located close to Menzies Creek Station and has incorporated Puffing Billy in our school logo. The school also enjoys a free annual trip on Puffing Billy the steam train and is looked forward to by students. Link to Puffing Billy website.

School grounds:

Menzies Creek Primary is located in beautiful Yarra Ranges and comprises of junior and senior playgrounds, basketball court, oval and farm including chickens. The portables contain our well stocked cooking and art rooms, along with a Mutli-media centre, Mutli-purpose hall, piano mosaic, sensory garden and many more.


The school engages with many incursions (excursion at school), this provides students with hands-on and interactive learning for a wide range of subjects. These subjects include mini-beast, sea-creatures, space adventures and visiting authors.