Out of School Hours Care is available for students before and after school. Read more...

Literacy Intervention

The school has varied literacy intervention and extension programs run by a teacher. Literacy tutors conduct regular sessions to guide students with their learning, which are usually with small groups or one-on-one. These programs have continued to grow in popularity and success.



From Foundation to Year 6 students learn to communicate in Japanese and to explore Japanese culture every week.

Our school provides students with an authentic and inspiring Japanese program using a range of language activities.  Students enjoy learning the language through songs, rhythm, Japanese literature, plays, hands-on cultural activities, games and using ICT. These activities are carefully prepared, based on building up their language skills, as well as stimulating their cultural awareness.

Learning language is not only fun and exciting for students, but also very beneficial.  Students can improve their own literacy skills when they learn the four vital skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing in another language.

Later on this year we are planning to have a 'Japanese Day' at school.  This special event is to celebrate different aspects of the Japanese culture. Our children will participate in cultural activities such as cooking, making a traditional toy and folding Origami. This will also be a great opportunity for children to perform Japanese items to our whole school community.

Plot to Pot

Our kitchen garden project gives our students access to hands-on learning, encourages healthy eating habits, assists in personal confidence and cultivates a new understanding of our natural world. Read more...


Science is a way for everyone to understand more about the world around them. 

The science program is a weekly one hour session.

The program follows the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACCAS).

This semester students in year foundation to grade two will be investigating the properties of air. Grades three to six will investigate the properties of air and how these properties influence flight.

The program will encourage all students to investigate their ideas in a hands-on way. They will work in cooperative groups. The students will share their ideas and findings with the class. They will learn how to carefully record these ideas and findings in a variety of ways.


Is a program promoting mathematical strategies and skills. These sessions are conducted one-on-one with a qualified person. The program runs in conjunction with class lessons and activities.

Instrumental Music

All these musical instrument instruction programs are conducted with fabulous teachers. This provides an opportunity for your child to learn a musical instrument and perform at assembly. There is a cost involved, please see the school office for details.


The 'Buddy' program is where Year 5 students are teamed with Foundation students to assist them with the transition to school. This program is conducted all year and they share many activities together.

Care Groups

All children are placed in a Foundation to Year Six group of students. They meet each week and complete wonderful activities with their mentor teacher.


Every student at Menzies Creek Primary School is provided with a 'Mathletics' login and password. Mathletics is a mathematical online tutor which assists students to improve their mathematical skills and strategies.


Children from Prep - 6 have the opportunity to join our two school choirs.  The choir plays an important part in school life, giving many performances to fellow students and the community.


Each year students in Years Prep to 4 are invited to attend intensive swimming instruction at the Monbulk Aquatic Centre.  This program consists of 8 days of 40 minute lessons.

Growth and Development

In Year 6 students participate in an Adolescent Growth and Development session. This is run by the school nurse and students learn about stages of sexual development and what to expect during puberty.

Public Speaking

In Year 6 students participate in an 8 week public speaking course. They learn many valuable skills that will assist them in effectively preparing and presenting a speech, as well as speaking on impromptu topics.

First Aid

Year 6 students participate in a 1 day First Aid course, Emergency...Deal With It, run by Ambulance Victoria. This visit provides valuable hands-on experience for the students.


Chess is offered as a lunchtime activity, and students are offered the opportunity to participate in regional chess competitions.

Whole School Production

Years Prep to 6 perform an annual musical/drama show.

Hot food days

Each term we have two hot food days, where students are able to place an order for themed food days. Some examples are Pasta, Chinese and Mexican days. Notification will be sent home when these dates approach and a small cost is required.