Welcome to Physical Education for Term 2!


Physical Education Blog, Term 2

This term with Foundation - Grade 2 students the focus will continue on the development of Fundamental Motor Skills and movement patterns of running, jumping, dodging, leaping, throwing and catching.  An emphasis is also on the importance of having fun in a safe environment where we follow guidelines, and play fairly.  The Foundation students will continue to explore space, speed and direction, and learn about the importance of listening to/following the rules of games/activities.  They will also be exploring movement sequences and projection.

In Gr 3 - 6 the students will be investigating invasion games, with Grade 5 and 6 students focusing on specific sports leading into the EDEC Lightning Premiership in June.  Grade 3 and 4 students will, in teams, complete an inclass project where they will design/invent a game, and then teach/instruct their peers.

During Physical Education a significant emphasis will be on the students having lots of fun, while improving their skills to successfully participate in games, activities and different sports. 

Within the program the children are provided with an interesting range of engaging physical activities to participate in.  All activities and skill based tasks are age appropriate, and designed to cater for individuals skill levels.

It is my hope that the children will develop a love of physical activity which will enhance their social and emotional well being, as well as their health.