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Fill in our Feedback and Suggestion box below, and your feedback is sent anonymously to the School Council President and the School Principal.

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Qkr! by Mastercard

Qkr (pronounced - Quicker) offers a simple way to make payments to the school and place orders for various things, such as Fees, Uniforms, School Event Tickets & Special Food Days.

Qkr is available at the following links:

Once you have installed Qkr:

  • Register your Country of Residence as 'Australia' and follow the steps to register
  • Find our school by typing in 'Menzies Creek Primary School' or if within 4km of the school, you can select from "Locations Nearby"; or you can scan the QR Code below.
  • When first accessing the school menu, you will be prompted to register your child.

Like Us on Facebook

Our Facebook page is used to promote our school and various fundraising events throughout the year. By liking our Facebook page and sharing our public posts, you can help generate much desired exposure to these events

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Join the M.C.P.S Families Private Group

The private Facebook group is a place for current Menzies Creek Primary School parents and staff to post reminders, check when things are happening and other general questions. Please think of the implications and anxieties a simple posting can cause a whole school community and who can truly answer it with fact. Direct contact to the school via a phone call or an email is the easy solution for personal enquires.

Once you have requested to join the group, an administrator need to check and approve your entry to the group.

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