Year 4/5

Term 4 promises to be an exciting one for our Year 5 and 6 students. There are so many exciting opportunities on offer. In the classroom we continue to focus on supporting each other in learning. We look at human impact on the environment during our inquiry week. We work hard in Maths and Literacy in preparation for transition into year 6/7. Much of what will be worked on in Art will be 3D including pottery and other sculptures.
There are a plenty of other things to look forward to. The Year 6 students have an inter school cricket day and the Year 5s have a soccer day. We have the Family Festival in October. This is always a highlight! The Year 5 students will be attending the Forest Classroom at the 1000 Steps. Both classes will be heading to Camp Nillahcootie for two nights in November. The Year 5s will be celebrating a wonderful year with their buddies by taking them to Jump Deck for a fun day out. During this time the Year 6 students will be preparing for graduation.
There’s plenty on. Here are some important dates for 5 and 6 classes:
October 12 – Yr 6 Cricket Day
October 17 – 21  - Yr 5 Forest Classroom
October 28 – Yr 5 Soccer Day
November 16 – 18 – Year 5/6 Camp
December 6 – Year 7 orientation Day (Government Schools)
December 14 – Foundation/Year 6 Jump Deck excursion
December 15 – Carols and Year 6 sleepover
December 19 – Year 6 graduation