Menzies Creek Preschool

Menzies Creek Preschool is nestled in the Dandenong Ranges and home to the sounds of Puffing Billy. We are a unique preschool as we are managed by Menzies Creek Primary School which allows for an integrated approach to learning. School assemblies, library time, music, cooking and joining in with the Foundation class are all excursions that your child will be involved in at Menzies Creek Preschool.

The program offered at Menzies Creek Preschool has an emphasis on children as an active learner. The program allows for active engagement and time for children to explore and investigate, open-ended play based learning. Our program offers a balance between child-directed and adult-directed play. We believe in providing children with the resources for inquiry which enables the children to explore built and natural environments. We believe in building children’s social and emotional development throughout the preschool year so the children become confident learners as they move into the primary school learning environment.

We believe in working in partnerships with parents, children and staff to create an emergent approach which evolves in context with the local community. We value positive relationships and open communication, by collaborating with staff, families, children and Menzies Creek Primary, we can create a high quality program that fosters the children’s learning.

What to expect

  • A warm inviting environment where all children and families feel welcome and a sense of belonging
  • Diverse experiences offered that reflect the children and their local community
  • Fostering childrens' learning opportunities by providing long sessions of uninterrupted play where dramatic, imitative and social interaction can occur
  • Providing open-ended experiences that reflect the childrens' built and natural world and to encourage exploratory play
  • Facilitating childrens' language acquisition by providing opportunities for group times where books, songs and discussions take place.
  • A program focused on the childrens' interests through observing the children in their social context