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 Term 1

3 year old

Our 3 year olds have made an amazing start to their preschool year, settling in to their new environment wonderfully.  Only two weeks into term the children are already beginning to become familiar with the routine of our sessions and the expectations of group time.

Our focus on term one is for children to feel safe, supported and welcomed while getting to know each other.  Group time has included games and songs aimed at children getting to learn each other’s names and we have already began to see confidence building as we share information about ourselves.  While many of the children started their first day rather shy, we are now seeing some great friendships beginning to blossom!

Outdoors, the mud kitchen and sandpit have proved extremely popular with the children busy cooking up all kinds of delicious muddy treats.  Lavender, thyme, oregano and rosemary were added to the mud kitchen along with some water for the children to use in their creations.  This sparked a discussion about the different smells of the plants and how they can be used in cooking to add flavour. We also learnt that while some plants are edible, others are really dangerous to eat.  The children decided they would like to make real cupcakes and they participated eagerly in the entire process; from reading the recipe, to making the cakes and even helping out with the dishes.  It was great to see the children working collaboratively, using their turn-taking skills and exercising patience while waiting for their turn.

In a couple of weeks we will be taking an excursion to the Menzies Creek CFA to learn about fire safety which we are all very excited about.

Jaclyn & Tonya


What’s happening at Preschool for Term 1


4 year old

We have had a wonderful start to the year and the children have settled in very quickly to the routine and environment. 

The indoor/outdoor program has been a fantastic success and that along with the introduction of progression morning snack has seen the children engage in meaningful play for long periods of time.  This opportunity for uninterrupted play allows the children to enhance creativity and curiosity, make connection between prior experiences and new learning, assists them to develop relationships with peers and stimulates a sense of wellbeing.

We have had a big interest in insects and this all started when one of the children found a beetle in our art and craft sink!  There were many questions asked about this little beetle and so from this interest we have created a nature area with insects, including books which the children have been able to investigate different types of insects and the role they play within the environment.  We have also begun our journey with the worm farm, and the children have been very interested in learning what foods are good for worms and what food is not so good for them!

Towards the end of the term we will also have our very first school transition, which the children are all very excited about.  This will be a short library session, and a tour around the school to see the different areas and facilities.

Bye for now,

Sara & Abby



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