Preschool Newsletters

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3 Year Old Preschool Group – Term 1 Summary

This term has been a truly wonderful and very enjoyable start to the year. We were delighted to see how quickly the group settled in to their preschool environment and how immediately at home we all felt– so much so that parents were being dismissed a few minutes into the first session!

This term we have focussed on settling into the preschool routine, establishing a sense of comfort and belonging, and getting to know each other through various games, discussions and group activities, and it’s wonderful to see those friendships beginning to form. 

Although we have done many different things throughout the term a huge interest for our group has been sensory play and painting, and we have explored various textures and techniques in our art work – for example, sand art, ice art, puff paint, goop, spray guns, pipettes, bubble art, and painting with natural materials. This has also led to an interest in colour mixing which we will develop further next term.

We have also seen a strong interest in construction activities where the children helped to build a water wall, and have built cities, train stations, marble runs and various other things both inside and outside. There has been some incredible team work and cooperative play displayed, as well as problem solving, experimentation with cause and effect, development of early math and science concepts and language skills.

Our group also loves to cook, and we have made both quiche and pancakes together this term, taking turns to read the recipe pictures, crack eggs, mix, measure and grate our ingredients. Recently we enjoyed potting our grass heads and have further explored concepts of measurement as the children measure and record the length of their grass hair, writing down their results on our chart!

We look forward to sharing our last week of the term together and celebrating Easter with some team puzzles and games, and continuing our Easter craft.

We wish everyone a fun and relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing you all next term!

Take Care,

Lara & Steph


4yo Newsletter Term 1

Wow, can you believe Term 1 is already over! The children have settled in so well to their new environment.  Over the last month we have continued to promote our 3 guidelines, enjoyed the introduction of show & tell, had fun during our music & movement sessions and tomorrow we will take part in our very first school transition!!

It has been great to see the children so enthusiastic about their show & tell. They are bringing along things that are special to them and are showing wonderful confidence when talking to the group.

Our interactive music and movement sessions enable the children to feel a part of group experiences, release their energy in creative ways, learn to express their emotions, refine listening skills, improve balance and coordination, and develop large motor skills. 

The children have also enjoyed the different small group experiences that have been available throughout the sessions.  By giving the children opportunities for long uninterrupted play it enables them to engage in experiences with their peers, develop imagination and creativity, strengthen social skills such as cooperation, sharing and turn taking and a love of learning.  We have also been reading books that reinforce social skills that we can use at preschool. 

We hope you all have a wonderful break and will see you on Tuesday 18th April!

Sara & Abby