Foundation Term 2 Overview




What a wonderful year we have had already! Students’ learning has exceeded both Tiahn and Justin’s expectations. Term 2 is looking to be full of fun and learning. 


Math focus


  • continued learning about numbers to 20

  • Estimating and comparing sets

  • Subitising

  • addition/subtraction


 Writing focus


  • Narrative and performance

  • Handwriting

  • Writers notebook

  • Word study (specific to area of need)


Reading focus


  • Continue Term 1 focus

  • use beginning and ending sounds

  • Chunk letter and sounds together

  • High frequency words


Art we will be looking at Sculpture.


Inquiry focuses on sustainability and our unit is called Our Sustainable World.


Important Dates


April 20th- Documentary Night. That Sugar Film


April 24th- May 5th- Swimming program


Week 5- possible Art excursion


May 16th- Kids CPR training in class


June 13th- Celebration of Learning