MCPS relies on families and the community to make it such a special place, if you can help with any of the following please let us know:

  • Old red bricks
  • Large rocks
  • Corrugated iron raised garden beds
  • Plants - Herbs, Salvia, Lambs Ear, Shasta Daisy, Mint, Gerbera, Japanese Anenome, Penstemon, Sage, Comfrey, Mondo Grass, Rosemary, Lavender & Hebe.
  • Cement sheeting for mosaic project
  • Outdoor / garden musical instruments
  • Nest boxes
  • Cold frame for raising seeds in the Menzies Farm
  • Hardwood sleepers to replace the garden bed edging
  • Treated pine sleepers for the Pre-School sandpit
  • Happy faces connected to willing hands


 Recent projects at the school - Dinosaur chalk board and paved area

Dinosaur chalk board and paving - materials and time donated by parents and the broader community.